AG Millworks Folding Doors: A Comprehensive Review

When planning out renovations to your home, it always helps to do as much research as possible. Renovations can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars, depending on their extent, and making a mistake when buying one of your fixtures can cost you even more later on.

When shopping for something like a folding door, you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting a product that’s been made with care and backed up by a company that has faith in its capabilities. Today, we’re going to take a look at AG Millworks and their folding doors, discussing their brand, products, and more.

AG Millworks Brand History

AG Millworks has been in the window and door-making business since 1986, and they have remained a fiercely independent private company since their inception. Like many other companies in the folding door industry, AG Millworks is based in California, more specifically, in the town of Ventura.

AG Millworks understands the value of a good view, as their production facility overlooks the Channel Islands National Park. This is expressed in their folding doors, as AG Millworks creates products that emphasize clarity and visibility over most other characteristics.

Since 1992, AG Millworks has run a wood recycling program to ensure that no wood is wasted in the production of their products. All AG Millworks products are finished with a low-VOC formula to minimize the damage done to the environment.

All of this company’s products are produced in America, and AG Millworks prides themselves on their customer service and their ability to create lifelong bonds with their customers. Their excellent customer service doesn’t stop after you’ve ordered your door, as they’ll always be on hand to help their clients answer questions or optimize their door layout.

To ensure that each door is built to a customer’s exacting specifications, they are all assembled and tested in the factory before being broken back down to their components and sent out to customers.

Product Options

Knowing about the company itself isn’t enough to help you decide whether or not an AG Millworks folding door will be your best option. In this part of our review, we’ll focus on the doors themselves, discussing the materials used in their construction, your choices of customization options, and much more.


AG Millworks offers two choices of materials for their folding doors: wood and clad wood.


AG Millworks specializes in wooden doors and windows. They offer their doors in a wide range of wood species, including the following:

  • Walnut
  • Pine
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Douglas Fir
  • Accoya

Keep in mind that AG Millworks offers far more wood species than the few we listed, so be sure to check their catalog to determine if they carry the type of wood that you want.

You can even opt for a different species of wood on the interior and exterior of your folding door, ensuring that it matches both the inside and outside of your home.

Aluminum-Clad Wood

If you like the thought of a wooden folding door, but you don’t want to deal with the hassles involved in maintaining it and protecting it from the elements, you may prefer a clad door. This is AG Millworks’s flagship product, as they sell far more of them than their basic wooden folding doors.

These folding doors are primarily made of wood, but they feature a layer of aluminum cladding along the exterior.

This makes clad doors a better choice for customers that live in harsher environments where a wooden exterior may end up waterlogged or otherwise damaged by the weather. Another advantage is that AG Millworks offers a longer warranty for their clad doors.

Color Options

As we already mentioned, wooden doors are available in a range of different species, though you’re limited to the ones that AG Millworks has available. Unlike some of their competitors, you can’t request any species of wood, so your color choices with a wooden door are a little more limited.

On the other hand, you have a wide range of potential colors available for the exterior surface of AG Millworks’s clad doors. AG Millworks offers the following color choices for clad doors:

  • Carbon black
  • Espresso brown
  • Sandcastle tan
  • Linen white
  • Clear anodized

If none of these color options appeal to you, you can also get a custom color match of any other manufacturer’s cladding for your folding door.

AG Millworks also offers a choice of two styles of hardware for their folding doors: the more traditional Verona and the modern-looking Nouvel. Each of these hardware types has its own set of colors, with Verona featuring finishes like rustic umber or polished brass. Nouvel comes in colors like oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel.

Sizes Available

AG Millworks offers their doors in a wide range of sizes to cater to the needs of various customers. Along with oversized folding doors, AG Millworks also offers some of the narrowest folding door panels on the market, allowing you to install a door in a tighter location than would otherwise be possible.

The panels on AG Millworks folding doors can reach a max size of 4 feet wide and 13 feet tall. This allows you to install them in rooms with taller ceilings where you can fully benefit from the expanded view offered by a larger pane.

Configuration Options

This company also offers a variety of configurations for their folding doors, depending on the layout of your room and where you would like the door to be positioned. Doors can open to the left, to the right, and they begin to open in the center.

Many of AG Millworks’s customers opt for an odd number of panels so that they can include a “daily door.” A daily door is a panel that swings out like a normal hinged door, making it easier to get in and out of the house without having to unfold the entire assembly every time.

AG Millworks provides a helpful chart on their site that allows you to see each of the configurations that they offer for their folding doors. Keep in mind that certain door layouts may be impossible to open from the exterior or may lack a daily door.

AG Millworks also offers a “zero corner” layout bifold door, which requires no supporting post in the corner. This allows you to turn a corner into a combination of an exterior access point and a window.

Pricing Options

As with most other folding door makers, AG Millworks bases their folding door prices on a wide range of factors. Your selected options and extras will affect the cost of your door, but the single greatest influence is the size and number of panels and the layout of the door.

AG Millworks doesn’t usually distribute their folding doors through their own channels, typically working with dealers and other retailers who carry their products. Since you aren’t buying their folding doors directly from the factory, you’ll have to pay a bit of a markup compared to some of their competitors.


When the time comes to install your folding door, you’ll have to either do it yourself or hire a door service to do it. AG Millworks’s folding doors are shipped out to the customer in a deconstructed state, so the components will have to be assembled and fitted in the proper order.

Thankfully, AG Millworks includes detailed instructions with each of their folding doors, making them easier for you or a third-party service to assemble once they arrive. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, they even feature instructional videos on their site that can guide you through the installation process visually.

Warranty Info

To demonstrate their faith in their products, AG Millworks includes a warranty with each of their sliding doors. The warranty covers any factory defects or issues that have appeared through normal use and does not cover the product if the user is deemed negligent or otherwise responsible for the damages.

The length of the warranty is based on the type of sliding door that you purchased. Wooden sliding doors only feature a one-year warranty since they’re more likely to end up damaged by the elements. AG Millworks’s clad doors have a far longer warranty that only expires after ten years.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of configurations available
  • Clad doors have a long warranty
  • Various hardware styles available


  • Wooden doors only feature a one-year warranty
  • Typically only sold through distributors

What Other Customers Are Saying

Here are some reviews of AG Millworks’s folding doors that we found on


“AG Millworks crafted our custom mahogany entry door several years ago and it is even more beautiful today because of the richness of the aging wood.  Recently we contacted them about purchasing replacement weatherstripping for it and they sent it to us at no charge–such customer service is a rarity these days; thank you AG Millworks!”

Kenneth Tarlow:

“My wife and I are very happy with our decision to purchase this door system from AG Millworks.

They made a custom door system to fill in the 20′ opening to our deck.

As a contractor for over thirty years, I’m very pleased with the quality and follow up.”

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that AG Millworks is one of the best makers of clad wooden folding doors, and their excellent product is bolstered by their quality customer service. We hope that this review has helped you decide whether or not AG Millworks is the right fit for you.