AG Millworks vs. Origin Folding Doors | Pros and Cons

AG Millworks Folding Doors: Overview

Renovating your home can be as rewarding as it is frustrating, but there are a few things that you can do to mitigate that frustration. One of the most important things is to do your research about the companies that will be producing your home’s fixtures. This will ensure that you install high-quality products that are easy to install and will last for years.

This has never been more true than in the folding door industry, as a good manufacturer can be the difference between a stunning set-piece door and a drafty, unreliable disaster.

Today’s guide will focus on AG Millworks and Origin Folding Doors, two companies that are dedicated to making quality products but that take a different approach to doing so. The biggest difference between AG Millworks and Origin is that they use clad wooden and aluminum frames, respectively.

Along with that key difference, these two companies have other differences that we’ll explore in this comparison guide. We’ll go over how each company operates and how their products perform. Once that’s out of the way, we’ll sum things up and find out if we have a winner.




AG Millworks was founded in Ventura, California, in 1986. The company’s production facility has a startling view of the Channel Islands National Park, so you can say that they know a thing or two about the importance of a good view.


This has even influenced the company’s slogan: A Quality Point of View. This has a double meaning, in that the view from your folding door will be tremendous, but also in that you’ll have a better outlook on your fixture, knowing you purchased it from a quality manufacturer.




AG Millworks offers a single type of folding door in two different materials and a couple of different configurations. While they may not have the extended product line that certain other companies offer, AG Millworks prefers to work on and refine a single model to make it the best folding door possible.


AG Millworks Bi-Fold Door

This is AG Millworks’ basic offering, and it has a few different options that allow you to optimize it according to your needs. AG Millworks produces this door in custom sizes to match their customers’ exact needs, and they offer it in a choice of either aluminum-clad wood or just wood.


Zero Corner Bi-Fold Door

This kind of folding door is designed for use in room corners, and it doesn’t feature a supporting post at the corner, allowing you to move through the entire space freely when the door is open.


Window-Folding Door Combo

AG Millworks can also install a combination window-folding door. This starts off as a folding door, but it shifts into a folding window so that it can accommodate countertops and other obstacles that would render a folding door impassable.



While AG Millworks’s relatively limited product line doesn’t tell you much about their folding doors, this section will go over the nearly endless degree of customization that they offer their customers.


It All Starts With Wood

While AG Millworks’s selection of materials is relatively limited, they stick with what they’re good at. Every AG Millworks folding door frame starts out with a solid block of wood, carefully crafted to their exacting specifications.


Wooden folding doors can add a touch of class to wherever they’re installed, but they aren’t as durable as bi-folds made out of other materials. This is why AG Millworks’s most popular folding door isn’t their basic wood model; it’s their clad folding door.


Aluminum Cladding

If you like the look of wood along your home’s interior, but you’re not willing to put up with the increased maintenance and reduced durability of a wooden exterior for your door, then you’ll love the idea of cladding.

A clad door features a wooden frame, but the exterior surface is covered in a sheet of aluminum that will resist the wear and tear caused by the elements. This also allows you to pick different colors for both the interior and exterior of your home, matching the decor of both sides seamlessly.

A few factors make it evident that AG Millworks’s aluminum-clad doors are their flagship product, but the main difference lies in the warranty. You’re covered for ten years when you purchase a clad door from AG Millworks, but you’re only covered for a single year with a wooden door.


Two Different Handle Sets

When picking out your AG Millworks folding door, you’ll be able to choose between two different styles of hardware. The Verona is their traditional choice of hardware, and it has a more traditional look that is versatile enough to fit in all but the most modern of homes. Verona hardware is available in colors like rustic umber and polished brass.

AG Millworks’s Nouvel hardware is designed for more modern homes, and it has a sleek, minimalistic appearance. Available in colors like polished chrome and stainless steel, the Nouvel hardware lends a more professional look to your folding door.


Huge Selection of Wood Species

AG Millworks offers a wide range of wood species for their folding doors, and you can even select a different one for the interior and exterior of your door. Your options include wood types like walnut, pine, cherry, various types of North American oak, and much more. Unfortunately, AG Millworks doesn’t offer custom wood species.


Versatile Configurations

All of AG Millworks’s folding doors feature a center-opening design that can be arranged in many different ways. You can select whether your door stacks to the right or left, and you can chain up to eight panels together per side.

If you get an uneven number of panels for your folding door, you can even use one of the panels as a “daily door.” This is a panel that swings open like a traditional hinged door and allows you to traverse the door without having to fully unfold it every time.


Pros and Cons


Here’s a summary of AG Millworks’s pros and cons:



  • Clad doors combine the strength of aluminum with the looks of wood
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Large range of colors
  • Some of the thinnest minimum panel sizes on the market


  • Only available through third-party distributors
  • No certified installation service
  • Short warranty on wooden models


Origin Folding Doors: Overview




Origin Folding Doors was founded in 2002, and the company was created by two cousins that noticed a lack of folding door makers in the UK market. Since then, Origin has created some of the most impressive folding doors in the world. In fact, one of Origin’s folding doors was the world record holder for the largest one in the world.


Despite being based in the UK, Origin does business worldwide, catering to customers in the USA, Dubai, Egypt, and Kuwait. Origin’s rise to the forefront of the folding door industry has been nothing short of meteoric, having done in 18 years what most companies have done in 30.



Origin offers two main folding door models, one of which is a relatively recent addition to their product line. Your options are the erstwhile OB-72 and the high-visibility OB-49.



Origin’s OB-72 was their original folding door, and the product is still going strong. The 72 in the model name refers to the folding door’s 72 mm sightline. While the view through this model is slightly more restrictive than through the OB-49, its thicker frame means that it is a little more structurally-stable.


Another thing to consider about the OB-72 is that it has been refined over the course of 17 years, ensuring that the majority of the kinks have already been worked out.



The OB-49 is Origin’s newest folding door, released in 2019. As with the OB-72, the 49 stands for the 49 mm sightline that this model provides. This means that it features a thinner frame and a larger glass pane, improving your line of sight.


While the OB-49 may not be able to put up with as much abuse as the OB-72, it is just as difficult to tamper with, ensuring that it’s as effective as the older model at keeping out intruders.



Let’s go over some of Origin’s key features and see how they set them apart from AG Millworks.


High-Quality Aluminum Construction

Origin uses nothing but aluminum in their door frames because of the metal’s combination of strength and light weight. To ensure that their products are as reliable as possible, Origin only uses the best aluminum available, avoiding metals that have been re-forged from scraps.


High-quality aluminum can be cut cleaner and straighter than alloys that are riven with imperfections. This helps ensure that your folding doors don’t start to flex over time and will also improve the quality of the seal since there will be tighter tolerances between the door and the jamb.


Another advantage of aluminum is its energy efficiency, as it ensures that your home loses less heat during the winter months and stays cool during the summer months. Another reason why you won’t have to worry about the weather is that aluminum is far more resistant to corrosion than other metals.


Lead Times

One of the best things about Origin is that they’re used to working with clients who are on a tight schedule. To ensure that they can get their folding doors shipped out as soon as possible, they have a program called Your Lead Time Not Ours.


The program works like this: if you select one of Origin’s most popular folding door colors, you can select your own lead time. The shortest possible lead time that you can select is 24-hours, which is nearly unheard of in the folding door industry.


Even if you want a folding door of a different color and you can’t take advantage of the Your Lead Time Not Ours program, Origin still offers some of the quickest turnaround times. Origin’s quickest standard turnaround would be around three weeks, and the longest should be about five.



Another impressive thing about Origin is the wide variety of colors that they offer their folding doors in. You can select a bare stainless steel finish, faux wood grain, or pick one of 150 RAL colors.


Origin also allows you to paint specific parts of your folding door in different colors. You can select the interior and exterior paints separately, and you can even select a different color for the door handle.


Pros and Cons

Here’s a summarized list of pros and cons for Origin’s folding doors:


  • Your Lead Time Not Ours allows for delivery in as little as 24 hours
  • One of the longest frame warranties in the industry
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Easy to purchase directly from Origin


  • Glazing done by a third party
  • Glass not covered by warranty
  • Unimpressive quality control

Final Thoughts


It’s tough to decide on a clear winner between these two folding door makers because of how different their philosophies are.

Origin focuses on high-tech aluminum doors that incorporate all of the latest bells and whistles. The company wants the customer to have more of a say in how their product turns out, and they offer customization options like contrast-painted handles. That being said, their products are expensive, and their third-party glazing can be disappointing.

On the other hand, AG Millworks focuses on folding doors that are primarily made of wood, though the aluminum cladding helps ensure that they can stand up to the toughest conditions. If you like the look of a wooden folding door and you want the freedom to configure it how you see fit, AG Millworks is the right choice.

If we had to pick a winner, we would side with AG Millworks because of their better quality control. Since Origin outsources their glazing to a third-party, it’s not uncommon for window panes to arrive warped or bowed, and they won’t be covered by Origin’s 20-year warranty, but rather the third-party glazier’s.