Arcadia Custom: A Comprehensive Review

Arcadia Custom Folding Doors


In today’s review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Arcadia Custom’s premier multi-fold doors. These sleek, intuitively-designed doors are guaranteed to give your living room that open high-tech look that you’ve been searching for.

Brand History

Have you ever wondered who created the concept of a sliding glass door? As it turns out, Arcadia Custom invented the first “Arcadia Door” which would usher in a new area of open windows and walls designed to make homes more open and spacious than they’d ever been before. The company offers an expansive range of products from windows to doors, but they have an exceptionally attractive multi-fold door that we’ll be exploring today.

Product Options

Arcadia Custom focuses on a minimalist design that features a low profile with bold, strong lines. You won’t have quite as many options for customizing colors or adding crazy styles of glass, but you’ll still have quite a few options for customization which we’ll go over in this section.


Arcadia Customs was originally founded as a Steel company in 1930, which means that they’re one of the few modern folding door companies that offer a steel door frame option. Although that’s one of their best-selling models, they also offer a really nice aluminum door as well.

Thermally-Broken Steel

One area where Arcadia Custom really excels in is their metal engineering. Unlike many folding door companies that utilize multiple pieces to construct their doors (usually in order to save money), Arcadia Custom utilizes single pieces of 10-gauge steel and then laser cuts them with absolute precision.

This means that they don’t have to make any messy corner welds or do any grinding, resulting in a stronger door frame and clean edges and corners. In addition to this, all of the screw holes are also laser cut to ensure precision and allow for a perfect problem-free installation. All doors are thermally-broken with Glass Reinforced Pultrusion (GRP) and designed with Arcadia’s patented iCore technology to make them more energy-efficient. All doors are made with stainless steel that’s resistant to rust and corrosion.

Thermally-Broken Aluminum

Arcadia Custom’s Oasis 10000 is their aluminum folding door system that’s designed to be a lighter-weight alternative to their steel door. It’s designed with a thermal polymer break between the two sides of the aluminum to prevent temperature transfer from side to side.

Hardware Options

Now, let’s take a look at some of the other hardware that you can customize on your Arcadia Custom doors such as handles and the type of glass.


All of Arcadia Custom’s folding doors come with a European-style multi-point “Vogue” door handle. It’s a simple L-shaped, lever-action handle that’s about 4-inches long and available in a black finish or a brushed nickel finish.

Glass Options

As for the glass, you’ll be able to choose from four different types of glass depending on how energy-efficient and durable you want your glass to be.

  • Single glaze ¼-inch glass panel: Thinnest glass available. Not the best for energy-efficiency or sound reduction, but it is the cheapest.
  • Dual glazed stainless steel spacer 1-inch thick: Dual window panes with a sleek stainless steel spacer between the panes.
  • Dual glazed super spacer 1-inch thick: dual window panes with a black spacer in between.
  • Triple glazed super spacer 1 ½-inch thick: Three window panes for maximum energy-efficiency and sound reduction with a black spacer between the panes.

Color Options

Depending on whether you opt for the aluminum or steel door, your color options will be a little bit different. Let’s take a look.

Steel Folding Doors

Paint Finishes

  • 9011 Black
  • Argento 305 Metallic
  • Atelier Dominique
  • Black Bean Soup
  • Brick Red
  • Champagne 301 Metallic
  • Jet Black
  • Sandstone
  • Sift Espresso (Texture)
  • Statuary Bronze

Metalized Patina Finish

If you like the look of shiny, brushed, and polished metal then these are a good choice.

  • Metalized Gun Metal Patina Finish
  • Metalized Zinc Patina Finish
  • Metalized Cor-Ten Patina Finish
  • Metalized Dark Bronze Patina Finish
  • Metalized Medium Bronze Patina Finish

Aluminum Folding Doors

Anodized Standard

  • Dark Bronze
  • Clear

Anodized Premium

  • Light Champagne
  • Champagne
  • Light Bronze
  • Medium Bronze
  • Medium Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black

Anodized Paint

  • Clear Anodize | AC-1 Paint
  • Light Champagne | AB-1 Paint
  • Champagne | AB-2 Paint
  • Light Bronze – AB-3 Paint
  • Light Medium Bronze | AB-4 Paint
  • Dark Medium Bronze | AB-5 Paint
  • Dark Bronze | AB-6 Paint
  • Dark Bronze | AB-7 Paint
  • Black | AB-8 Paint

Kynar Paint

  • Arcadia Custom Black
  • Sift Espresso Smooth
  • Bone White
  • Statuary Bronze

Sizes Available

If you opt for the aluminum doors, you’ll be able order door panels that are 39-inches wide and up to 10-feet tall. As each door frame is custom-made for the individual client, you can also opt for a smaller door frame as well.

If you opt for the steel doors, then you’ll be able to choose from two different classes of doors:

  • TSX8100: Allows for door panels that are 39-inches wide and 10-feet tall, weighing less than 220-pounds.
  • TSX8150: Allows for larger door panels that are 42-inches wide and 12-feet tall, weighing less than 330-pounds.

Configuration Options

Arcadia Custom doors are available in 3 to 8-panel door configurations. You can make your folding door setup as long as you want by combining configurations. For example, if you wanted a 16-panel wall, you could combine two 8-panel segments side by side.

Pricing Options

Arcadia Custom is known for being one of the pricier brands, but their quality is some of the best in the industry as they custom cut and forge each door for the individual customer. As each door is custom-made, you’ll have to request a quote to receive a specific price. The total price will vary depending on the size of your project, the type of door you get, and any extra specifications that you want to add.


Arcadia Custom works directly with architects, builders, and home designers to ensure that your project turns out the way that you want it. All your contractor needs to do is visit Arcadia Custom’s professional gateway, enter some personal verification information, and request any needed schematics, 3D design files, and installation/repair manuals.

Warranty Information

Arcadia Custom has a decent warranty for its folding doors. The details are as follows:

  • Hardware: Warrantied for up to 3 years.
  • Paint/Anodized Finishes: Warrantied up to 5 years, or 3 years for homes close to saltwater.
  • Glass: Insulated glass- 10 years. Laminated glass- 5 years. Butt-glazed glass- 1 year.

Pros And Cons


  • Incredibly high-quality design.
  • Hurricane-proof specifications are available.
  • Each unit custom-made for the individual customer.
  • Both steel and aluminum door frames are available.
  • Lots of options for paints and finishing.


  • Can be expensive.
  • No vinyl or wood doors available.

What Other Customers Are Saying

Before we finish, let’s take a look at some of the product reviews. Below are a few helpful snippets of reviews from Arcadia Custom’s previous customers taken from their Google Business review page.


  • “Beautiful doors and windows, excellent craftsmanship as well!” – Bobbi Hawkins
  • “Arcadia Custom The BEST Place to Invest in your home with CUSTOM BEAUTIFUL WINDOWS AND DOORS – There is a Steel line of Windows and Multiple Styles if Doors and Wood line of Windows and Multiple Styles of Doors.” – Melissa O’Hagan


  • “No follow up by distribution team on pricing information. Feels like they don’t even want to sell their product.” – Mark Purpura

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for one of the sleekest-looking folding doors on the marketplace, then Arcadia Custom is one of the best options available. Their high-quality laser-cut steel and aluminum doors are designed to withstand strong storms, but have the type of elegance that you would expect to see in a Miami or Southern California beachfront mansion. If that’s not enough to convince you, then consider that these guys were the first to invent the original sliding-glass door.