7 Awesome Design Ideas For Using Bi-Fold Doors

Folding doors are one of the hottest emerging home decor trends in America. The trend is spreading overseas, and luxury resorts throughout Europe have upgraded their pre-existing sliding door and swing door systems with these large multi-point door panel systems.

They typically consist of at least three individual panels that can be slid to the side like an accordion. Folding door systems also usually include an everyday use door that operates like a traditional swing door for residents to come in and out without having to open everything.

All-in-all, they’re an excellent choice for its wide range of options, which were specifically designed for the purpose of solving a problem.

Ideas For Using Bi-Fold Doors

Folding doors go by a few different names: bifold door, closet doors, accordion doors, glass walls, and more. You’ve probably seen them in movies or perhaps even bumped into one- literally!

Below, we’re going to go over some of the top design ideas for using a folding door in your home or office. Whether you’re aiming to create an attractive interior door or a large patio door space, the amount of configurations at your disposal is almost limitless.

#1 Create An Open Bar Area With Accordion Doors

Being able to open up your bar to the outside world can provide an appearance of more space and add better ambiance. Also, the ability to shift from an indoor bar to an outdoor bar gives your guest or consumers a luxurious experience with a great view. Should you have a day with bad weather, all you need to do is close the doors.

Although these doors may appear somewhat fragile, today’s folding door manufacturers use the highest-quality door frame materials and thermally-enhanced glass to ensure that they can stand up to the test of time and the weather.

#2 Folding Doors For A Bedroom Porch

Are you working with a small space or, worse, a dark bedroom? With folding doors, you can create a wide opening in the bedroom, connecting to the porch giving you an elegant, modern, outdoor experience without moving into a new house. The traditional designs give the folding doors a clean and clear design that will complement any other home decor in your living area..

#3 Bi-folding Doors To Open Up An Event Space

There is nothing more exhausting than cleaning after a get-together or party. Adding PVC or aluminum bi-folding doors to a living area or an event space welcomes your guest to spend more time outside and a little less time inside.

Having an indoor and outdoor space gives you a larger space to work with, allowing greater maximum capacity. Not to mention the value price increase, with a breathtaking view and retractable glass wall, it’s perfect for an occasion big or small.

#4 Bi-Folding Door System For The Lobby Of Your Business

Most buildings are designed to have different rooms under one roof, but sometimes that can feel very claustrophobic and closed in, especially for workers who spend most of their time in the building. One of the best ways to remodel your business and modernize your workspace are glass bi-fold doors.

They come in a variety of glass types, frames, and configurations. A large opening in the lobby area won’t just appear more spacious but it also says who you are as a company. You welcome everyone with a sense of transparency that says your company is honest and has nothing to hide. Besides, your employees will appreciate it the extra light as well!

#5 Bi-folding Doors For A Pool House

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of a pool day? Probably sunshine, cold drinks, and getting a tan. But what about during the cold months? With today’s energy efficient bi-folding doors, you can create an indoor pool area that opens up to the outdoors during warmer months but still allows you to swim during the winter months with a scenic view.

As we mentioned you won’t sacrifice any energy efficiency either. With modern glass glazing technology, you could install a set of bi-folding doors in a mountaintop pool and swim all winter long while watching the snow fall outside.

#6 Folding Doors For Your Office/Meeting Room

More offices are now embracing more open, collaborative space areas with brighter interiors and providing more natural daylight, a modern look, and soundproof for privacy when needed. Moveable glass walls allow meeting rooms to quickly shift to open spaces at a moment’s notice.

You can separate workspaces into individual offices or pull them together into one large space for a conference room or office party. Maybe you just need a simple room divider. Since these doors are going to be used in the office interior, you may be able to opt for a frameless design. These designs are all-glass and don’t have the standard aluminum or stainless steel door stiles.

#7 Folding Door As The Entrance To Your Home

Give yourself the grand entrance you deserve! With wood bi-fold doors, you can now bring in groceries quicker and  take out furniture a lot easier. Plus, who doesn’t like to showoff their personal design taste to visitors? Choosing custom colors, stains, or wood species allows homeowners to match their doors to surrounding home decor as well.

Final Thoughts

One of the reasons why so many people are switching over to bi-fold door systems is because they can be configured in almost any way imaginable.

Accordion doors are an investment, not just a style or luxury. The folding door system was engineered to be energy efficient and high quality, combining both beauty and durability.  It completely transforms the look of any commercial or residential area with minimal effort.

They’re the perfect solution to increase natural lighting, open closed-in areas, and connect indoor and outdoor spaces with a variety of custom colors, glass options, and more. They are very low maintenance and require very little special care other than basic cleaning.