Convincing Your Client That Installing Folding Doors Is The Best Choice

If you’re a builder or home designer then you probably have a strong focus on client satisfaction. One day, one of your best customers comes to you asking, “What home decor item can I add or what home renovation can I do to make my home more modern?”

Being the knowledgeable and informed designer that you are, you immediately jump to one of your go-to renovation items that also happens to be one of the most popular design trends in recent history- Modern Bi-Fold Door Systems.

Folding Doors Vs Sliding Doors Vs Swing Doors

One of the first resistance items that you might be faced with usually comes from more traditionally-minded customers. They likely grew up in the age of 1960s-style glass sliding doors and were unfortunately influenced by this style.

When it comes to these people, it’s common to hear questions like “How is this better than my large swinging doors?” or “Wouldn’t a large sliding door be a better option instead?”

While there are certainly some modern high-quality sliding and swing doors on the market today, few are quite as impressive as a folding door system- especially when it comes to large openings or expansive patio doors.

Folding door systems allow homeowners to separate individual door panels in order to create as large or small of an opening as they want. Each individual panel can slide to the side like an accordion, opening up the entire room to the fresh outside air. If bugs are an issue, they’ll even be able to order a custom bug screen to prevent mosquitoes, flies, and gnats from taking advantage.

How To Sell A Bi-Fold Door System

If you truly believe that a bi-fold door system is the best choice for your client, then you need to be prepared to sell it as if it were your own product. You should know how these doors work inside and out, be prepared to show them statistics, average price points, and then help them make their home decor dream come true.

Below, we’ll go over all of the key selling points that can help you convince an indecisive client that today’s folding door systems are some of the highest quality options on the market.

Show Them Energy Efficiency Ratings

One of the growing concerns among homeowners is how energy-efficient their building materials are. The more energy-efficient renovations that homeowners make to their house, the more tax deductions they can get, and the more they can save on their electricity bill. The last thing they would want to do is install a large bi-fold door system that just drains power.

As it turns out, modern glass glazing technology has come a long way in the past 20 years. Most of these door panels are engineered with high-quality low-e glass that’s designed to reflect harmful UV rays and infrared heat rays. Some windows are even filled with Argon gas that further helps to regulate temperature transfer from outside to the inside of your living area.

The glass isn’t the only area of technological innovation, though. Many of today’s high-efficiency aluminum door systems are designed with thermally-broken aluminum stiles that contain a layer of polymer to prevent energy transfer.

Last, but not least, many systems even come with weatherproof door jambs that contain similar thermal breaking technology. You’ll even be able to order weather-proof jambs that are naturally resistant to water and leaking. This can be especially important if your client lives in an area that’s prone to storms, flooding, or hurricanes.

Accordion Doors And Durability

We admit that accordion doors may not look like they’re the most durable. The multi-point hinges and individual door panels can give the appearance of fragility at first. It’s your job to convince your client otherwise.

As it turns out, the high-quality stainless steel hardware that holds these doors in place combined with modern glass glazing technology, anti-shatter window film, and durable solid core door materials, that folding doors can be incredibly strong.

Many folding door systems are even rated to withstand hurricane-force winds that would tear typical swing doors off of their hinges. While these heavy-duty doors may cost a little extra, they may be worth it, especially if your client lives in a coastal area.

Bi-Fold Door Systems Can Be Used As Interior Doors Too

Even if your client isn’t interested in renovating their patio doors, you may be able to convince them that bi-folding doors are a good option for interior doors or room dividers. Interior folding door systems are also a bit cheaper since they’re not required to have all of the energy-efficient innovations.

If they’re looking for an exotic interior look, wood bi-fold doors are an excellent option. Your client will be able to choose from a wide range of wood species, and then stain them with custom colors to match the rest of their home’s interior.

Folding Patio Doors Are Great For Events

With COVID-19 regulations still in full-effect most places, getting out to socialize has been hard. As a result, many homeowners have started to throw small parties and get-togethers at their home where they can invite their close friends over for a bit of relaxation and socializing.

Folding patio doors allow you to fully open up your space so that guests can walk inside and out with complete freedom. If your client is located in an area with some beautiful weather, then they can’t go wrong. They’ll have all of the fresh air they need and a perfect personal party venue.

Folding Doors Can Raise Their Home’s Value

If all else fails, one of the best ways to convince a homeowner to switch over to folding doors is to explain how much it will increase the market value of their home! While bi-fold doors can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars to install, they can raise the value of their home by just as much. Who can argue with an investment that literally pays for itself?

Final Tips

From a design and home renovation point of view, installing folding doors can be one of the most lucrative jobs that you do all year. While you should never coerce your home design client into purchasing something that they don’t need or want, you should always be prepared to list-off the key selling points of a particular item.


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