Why And How To Install Folding Doors In A Heavy-Rain Environment

If you live in a rainy place like Seattle, then you may be at a bit of a loss when it comes to upgrading your home or even adding more decor. The dreary days and constant rain may keep you indoors more often than you’d like and you live for the time of the week when the sun does finally come around and brighten your day up.

One of the best ways to take advantage of these short windows of beautiful weather and sunshine is with a custom-made folding door system. These innovative door systems involve large door panels on a multi-point hinge folding system allowing them to be easily stacked to the side of the door frame like an accordion (hence the nickname accordion doors).

However, some of our clients living in rainy areas have expressed doubt in regards to installing folding doors in their homes. They often seem to think of these doors as a luxury that’s only afforded to those lucky few living on faraway islands by the beach.

We’re here to tell you that this isn’t the case.

Bi-Fold Doors In Heavy-Rain Environment

Most folding door systems are designed for large openings and are made up of 90% glass. This means that they’re one of the best ways to take better advantage of light as it shines on your house. When compared to sliding doors and swing doors, bi-fold doors are far more likely to brighten up your interior living area.

According to all of the latest studies and research, the more light and fresh air you get, the happier you’ll be. Folding doors allow you to really open up your space by allowing extra light in, and when the weather permits, you’ll be able to open up the individual panels and breathe in all of the fresh air.

If bugs are a problem in your area, don’t sweat it! Most of the folding door manufacturers on our site offer the option to install retractable insect screens that can be deployed whenever your patio doors are open.

Why Accordion Doors Are A Good Choice For Rainy Climates

By now, you’ve probably already figured out some of the advantages of these bi-fold door systems. However, if you’re looking for a reason to buy a new set of folding doors that’s more practical, we’re here to offer you a few!

Enhanced Glass Durability And Efficiency

Today’s folding doors are a lot stronger than the cheap glass sliding doors that you remember from your childhood home. Modern glass glazing technology means that windows are more energy-efficient than they’ve ever been before as the glass has an airtight seal with the door frame and stiles.

In addition to double and triple-glazing windows (stacking two or three panes in parallel), many glass manufacturers also include a low-e coating to the surface of the glass to reflect UV rays. Argon gas is then injected into the spaces between the panes of glass in order to prevent heat transfer from one side to the other. Pretty high-tech, right?

To add icing on top of the cake, you’ll also have the option of applying an anti-shatter film to the surface of the glass. Rain often comes with storms and violent winds that bring flying debris. Not only will this prevent the glass from scratching and cracking, but it will ensure that if it does crack, that it won’t shatter or become a safety hazard.

High-Quality Door Panels

These doors aren’t just technologically advanced in terms of energy efficiency, though. They’re also incredibly durable. When this durable glass technology is combined with modern reinforced and thermally-efficient door frame materials, the end result is a truly formidable door that opens with minimal effort and rolls smoothly to the side whenever you want.

Depending on which folding door company that you end up going with, you’ll usually have a choice between thermally-broken aluminum (the most popular choice), solid wood bi-fold doors, stainless steel door frames, or PVC/Vinyl door frames.

All of these can be good high-quality options, but you may want to stay away from wood species doors if you’re in a rainy area. The extra moisture may mean that you’ll have to perform extra cleaning and maintenance to keep the excess moisture from affecting the wood. Aluminum and PVC tend to be the most popular materials in wet climates. With aluminum, you’ll also be able to choose from a wide range of custom colors.

Industry-Leading Warranty

If you’re looking for another great reason to install folding doors in your home, you can’t go wrong with a great warranty. Most of the brands mentioned on our site offer industry-leading warranties that last for a minimum of 5 to 10 years, meaning that your investment will be protected against most factory defects!

Considerations When Folding Doors In A Rainy Climate

When purchasing a folding door to install in a rainy climate, there are a few considerations you should be aware of if you want your home improvement project to be the highest quality possible.

Make Sure You Select A Storm-Rated Folding Door

If the area you live in gets a lot of rain, storms, hurricanes, etc., then make sure the folding door you choose is able to withstand heavy winds and rain. You may need to peruse through different glass options in order to find an impact-resistant glass or a reinforced-aluminum door.

Make Sure You Order A Weather-Proof Threshold And Jambs

A lot of folding door systems on the market feature a “low-profile” threshold. While these are certainly attractive and great for an interior door, they’re not what you want for exterior patio doors. Make sure that you get a threshold or door jamb that includes a small lip to prevent water from leaking in.

Controlling Moisture And Leaks

As long as everything is installed smoothly, you shouldn’t have to worry about any moisture getting in your home. However, sometimes water can leak in during severe storms. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure that all cracks and seams are properly covered and sealed while installing your folding doors.

Final Thoughts

A bi-fold door system is an excellent way to brighten up a gloomy area of your home, especially if you live in a dark or rainy part of the country. As long as you select the correct materials and glass options, then install it the right way, you’ll have a high-quality door system that will last you for years!

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