Most Popular Folding Doors Brands

When shopping for folding doors it’s a good idea to review some of the most popular and highest quality brands on the market. Our network of Folding Door Contractors/Dealers carry the most popular folding door brands so you will be sure to find the perfect folding door system for your home and style.

ag millworks folding doors

AG Millworks

AG Millworks creates products that emphasize clarity and visibility over most other characteristics that other brands have.

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Arcadia Custom

Arcadia Custom focuses on a minimalist design that features a low profile with bold, strong lines

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Lanai Folding Doors


Lanai Doors is a company based in Orange, California, that specializes in the exclusive construction of folding doors.

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Panoramic Doors

La Cantina

La Cantina gives you all of the options when it comes to designing your folding doors.

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Marvin Folding Doors


Marvin focuses on building some of the best wood folding doors around.

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NanaWall’s aluminum frames are designed to be as durable as possible.

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Origin Folding Doors


Unlike some of its competitors, Origin offers their doors in only one choice of material: aluminum.

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Panda Folding Doors


Panda Windows & Doors focuses on building elegant, high-efficiency, low-profile doors.

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Rehme Folding Doors


Panoramic Doors not only makes one of the best systems on the market that are also quite affordable.

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Rehme Folding Doors


Rehme specializes in the construction of stainless steel windows and doors and they’re an American-owned company

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Western Window

Western Windows Systems is one of the nation’s leaders in high-tech windows and home solutions.

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Since the company’s inception, they’ve produced over a million windows and counting.

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High-Quality Folding Doors

Our network of Folding Door Contractors/Dealers carry and install all of the highest quality brands of folding doors. Check out the many styles, materials and options that are available to enhance your home’s style and utility.


Professional Folding Door Services

All of the contractors in our network are certified, insured and experts when it comes to installing folding door systems. Over the many years they have installed thousands of folding doors for customers throughout the country, and we would be happy to connect you with a profession that can help you bring your vision to reality.

Folding doors can add functionality to your home in many areas. For example, they are a great space-saving solution to provide a barrier between two rooms that you can easily open and close as needed. Plus, they take up much less space than traditional swinging doors.