Lanai Folding Doors: A Comprehensive Review

Lanai Folding Doors

Renovating your home is already a stressful enough experience when you don’t have to worry about where your fixtures are coming from. Buying things like folding doors from a reputable manufacturer can help ensure that you get a long warranty, proper build quality, and excellent service.

Unfortunately, unless you’re in the habit of buying folding doors regularly, it can be difficult to know what to expect from a manufacturer. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and compiled all of our information about Lanai Folding Doors into this short review. Let’s start off by discussing Lanai’s company history.

Lanai Doors Brand History

Lanai Doors is a company based in Orange, California, that specializes in the exclusive construction of folding doors. Lanai was formed because its founders believed that the company should master the job of creating folding doors instead of offering them as an afterthought compared to their traditional doors.

While the company has only been in business for 16 years, its founders had 30 years of prior experience in both business management and manufacturing. Lanai doesn’t believe in marketing its products through distributors, choosing instead to market their products directly to save their customers money.

Lanai’s main focus is the residential market, but they also create folding doors for plenty of commercial environments. Resorts, schools, and museums are just a few of the places that you can find Lanai’s folding doors.

Cooperation is another key part of Lanai’s way of doing business, as they cooperate with the client as well as the other firms working on a home, including architects, contractors, and more.

Precise manufacturing tolerances and strict quality control standards are both key parts of Lanai’s strategy. This modus operandi has made Lanai one of the top folding door manufacturers in their class, with their products sold all across North America and even in Hawaii.

Product Options

In this part of our review guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Lanai Doors’ products, including the materials that they’re made out of and the various configurations that they come in.


Lanai offers its folding doors in the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • E+ aluminum
  • Wood
  • Clad wood


Lanai’s aluminum doors are some of their most popular products because of their versatility and their customizable appearance. Lanai offers their aluminum doors with a plain finish or with a choice of two different anodized finishes: clear anodized and bronze anodized.

Another advantage of Lanai’s aluminum doors is that they offer the clearest view because the frame is only three inches thick. The alloy used in these doors is 6063-T5 aluminum, which is designed to be even more resistant to corrosion.

The most crucial advantage that aluminum offers over a material like wood is that it doesn’t warp, ensuring that each of your folding door panels retains its shape for a long time to come.

E+ Aluminum

E+ aluminum folding doors from Lanai are similar to their standard aluminum-framed products, offering the same set of finish options, though they feature slightly different dimensions. As you can guess from the name, E+ aluminum doors are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible.

This ensures that Lanai’s E+ aluminum folding doors are compliant with California’s Title 24. To do this, Lanai designed a reliable and effective thermal break system to reduce the amount of heat that is transferred through their E+ aluminum folding doors.


Wood folding door panels create a more traditional look while retaining the modern functionality of this door type. These wooden frames have been engineered to counter weaknesses like warping and other gradual damage, featuring a reinforced core that doesn’t compromise the look of the exterior.

The basic design of Lanai’s folding wooden doors can be applied to nearly any wood species, meaning that your doors can match the rest of your home’s decor. When selecting species for your wooden folding doors, you are only limited by the species available to woodworkers in either the Pacific Northwest or Central USA.

Clad Wood

If you like the look and performance of a wooden folding door, but you don’t think it can withstand the elements, Lanai also offers their products clad in aluminum. This means that the exterior of the door is covered in a layer of aluminum, but the interior still features a rustic wooden look.

As with their wooden doors, Lanai offers their clad folding doors in any wood species that they can get their hands on. You can also choose between five different paint colors for the clad exterior under the standard system.

Color Options

If you custom-order your folding door from Lanai, then you’ll have access to a huge variety of wood species or paint colors, depending on the material that your door is made out of. However, if you stick to the standard pricing system, then your choice of colors will be a little more limited.

Wooden folding doors are offered in red oak, pine, or superior alder. Aluminum doors (including the cladding on clad wooden doors) are available in two different anodized finishes or five different standard paint colors.

Along with the door itself, you can choose between the three following metals for the hardware: stainless steel, bright gold, or bronze.

Sizes Available

As with many other manufacturers, the sizing for Lanai’s folding doors is based on the material used. It also depends on your chosen pricing scheme, as custom-made doors can be far larger, extending to a maximum of 13 feet tall with 51-inch-wide panels.

Lanai’s basic aluminum folding doors feature panels that are up to 36 inches wide and 96 inches high. They feature a 3-inch stile and a 3-½ inch rail, with a jamb that’s 4 inches wide.

Lanai’s E+ aluminum doors feature slightly different dimensions than the standard aluminum models. While they still have a max width and height of 36 and 96 inches, respectively, the stile and rail are slightly different at 2-⅞ inches wide.

Wooden folding doors feature the same max panel width and height as the previous two materials, but their panels are 1-¾ inches thick with a jamb width of 6-9/16 inches. Clad folding doors are available in the same sizes as the wooden ones.

Configuration Options

Lanai is also proud to offer a wide range of configurations for its folding doors. Thanks to their versatility, these doors can be assembled to stack either inside or outside of your house, depending on where you’d prefer to save more space.

You can link together a maximum of eight folding panels of any size, and you can even pick whether your doors open to the left or right.

Lanai is also one of the only companies that have received hurricane certification from the Miami-Dade county authorities. If you opt for one of Lanai’s hurricane-rated folding door systems, you can rest assured that your doors will be able to resist winds of up to 165 mph.

Pricing Options

Lanai offers two different pricing schemes for its folding doors. Their most popular doors adhere to their standard pricing system, in which the size, color, and layout of the folding doors are limited to a few options.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more on your folding doors, you can get them custom-made by Lanai. Custom-ordered doors can be upgraded with designed glass and tints, multipoint locking systems, custom finishes and paint colors, taller and wider max sizes for the panels, and much more.

Lanai is known for offering better prices than many of its competitors, as long as you have your door made to their standard pricing specifications. The average cost of custom Lanai folding doors is difficult to estimate because of the wide-ranging differences between individual doors.


Lanai Doors leaves the installation of your folding doors up to you, but they do a few things to make the process easier for you. Doors are shipped directly to your home broken down into their base components: the frame and the door panels.

The frame arrives in four pieces, consisting of two jambs, the header, and the threshold. Each panel will arrive in an individual package, and every door comes with a set of precise instructions. The instructions are designed to be used by any installer, ensuring that you don’t have to stick to a specific contractor for the door to be installed properly.

Warranty Info

Lanai offers a relatively short warranty on its doors, but this is in line with its more affordable pricing when compared to the competition. Their doors are subject to a one-year warranty against craftsmanship defects that have been discovered through normal use.

The warranty may be rendered void due to negligence on the part of the owner, and doors cannot be removed from their initial installation without Lanai Doors’ written consent, or your warranty will be rendered void.

Under warranty, Lanai will either repair or replace the product or credit you for the cost of the door.

Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Some doors are hurricane-rated
  • Energy efficient options


  • Short warranty period
  • Doors sold under the standard pricing model feature limited customization

What Other Customers Are Saying

The following reviews were sourced from


“We are so happy that we used Lanai Doors. Elizabeth and Carol were very informative and professional. The quality and craftsmanship are amazing, and the most important factor for us was the ability to customize the size of the doors. We would highly recommend Lanai Doors to anyone who is interested in having a beautiful custom sliding door.”


“We love our Lani Doors however we are very disappointed with the the screen door system they recommended. We consistently have small bugs (knatts) that appear to be getting through and into our home and the screen itself is difficult to clean. I would recommend Lani to anyone but get a different screen system.”

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for more affordable doors and don’t mind being constrained by limited specifications, then you’ll love Lanai’s standard pricing scheme. However, when it comes to custom jobs, you may wish to stick with a manufacturer that specializes exclusively in custom work.