Marvin Folding Doors: A Comprehensive Review

Marvin Folding Doors


Perhaps the best intro to this review are the words of CEO Paul Marvin himself-

“Together, we can help people live better through beautiful design and exceptional quality.”

If quality and attention to detail are what you’re looking for, then Marvin is an excellent fit. They’ve been in business for over 100 years and the only way a company stays around for that long is by providing amazing products combined with outstanding customer service.

Brand History

Marvin first opened its doors in 1912 as a small family-run timber company. Today, the business is still family-owned and operated and the CEO still bears the family name. Although they still source a lot of their own timber, the company has long since evolved past a simple timber company. They now specialize in creating innovative and attractive custom window and door solutions.

Product Options

Many companies have pre-built folding door options and all that the customer needs to do is pick a paint color and they’re done. The only problem with many of the pre-fabricated folding door units is that they aren’t built to last. Marvin’s folding doors are built to withstand the ultimate test- the test of time. In order to accomplish this, they work hand-in-hand with the client to piece together the ultimate door- a door that will still be around 20 years from now.


Since their origins are as a timber company, Marvin still focuses on building some of the best custom wood folding doors around. However, in order to keep up with modern industry demands and standards, they also offer aluminum and aluminum-fiberglass door frames as well.


As we mentioned, Marvin takes pride in the quality of their wood. According to their company page, they’ve been working with many of their suppliers for well over 20 years and they also have advanced “wood scientists” on-hand to evaluate the quality of all the wood used for production.

You’ll be able to choose from Mahogany, Pine, or Douglas Fir- all materials that are designed to withstand harsh temperatures and climates as long as they’re properly sealed and coated.

Extruded Aluminum

If you thought Marvin stopped at wood, think again. In order to keep up with the times, they’re also able to produce high-quality aluminum doors as well. This lightweight aluminum folding door is both strong and durable. It’s also incredibly low maintenance (which is one of the main concerns with wood doors). You’ll be able to choose from an anodized aluminum finish or a high-end paint matched to any color in the rainbow.


If you want the quality and low maintenance exterior of an aluminum door, but the warm attractive look of a wooden door interior, then you can select this hybrid option. Essentially, it’s just an aluminum door, but all of the interior panels are made with high-quality wood. Since it’s on the interior, you won’t have to do anywhere near as much maintenance as you would with exterior-facing wood.


This is one unique option that Marvin provides that we couldn’t find from any other folding door manufacturer. It’s a standard aluminum door, but the exterior is coated with a durable fiberglass material. It works similarly to how other manufacturers provide a laminate exterior. The only difference is that fiberglass provides even better thermal efficiency. It’s also a lot stronger than laminate and comes in more colors.

Hardware Options

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned how Marvin focuses on attention to detail. This is very evident if you take a look at all of the options that you have for your folding door hardware.


Marvin offers two different types of handles- both of which are a typical lever-action handle that can be both twisted and pulled to open the door.

  • Traditional French Swinging Handle: S-shaped handle that adds a bit of traditional flair.
  • Contemporary Swinging Handle: L-shaped handle that keeps your doors looking sleek and modern.

Both types of door handles are available in the following finishes:

  • Satin Taupe
  • Matte Black
  • Bronze
  • Satin Nickel
  • Chrome
  • Brass or Antique Brass
  • Bronze
  • White


If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want the typical clear glass wall and you’d prefer a bit of style or privacy, then Marvin has you covered! Here are all of the options you’ll have to customize your glass panes:

  • Aqualite
  • Beveled
  • Flemish
  • Frost
  • Glue Chip
  • Reed
  • Sandblasted
  • V-Groove

You’ll also be able to tint your windows from the factory with:

  • Bronze tint
  • Green tint
  • Grey tint

This can help add a bit more color to your room and help protect you from excessive sunlight.

Custom Paneling

If you really want to go for a more traditional style, then why not add a paneling grid to your new folding doors? Marvin allows you to add standard over-glass dividing panels as well as between-glass dividing panels.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

Marvin provides 28 different custom styling options for your window paneling. Check them out here on the manufacturer’s material page!

Color Options

If you haven’t noticed, Marvin gives you all of the options you’d expect from a standard folding door company and then some. When it comes to door coloring, it will first depend on the material that you used for your door frame.


Factory colors include:

  • Ebony
  • Brown
  • Pearlescent
  • Bronze
  • Gray
  • Cascade Blue
  • Cashmere
  • Clay
  • Coconut Cream
  • Copper
  • Evergreen
  • Gunmetal
  • Sage
  • White
  • Suede
  • Wineberry

If you want a custom color, then Marvin will even color-match it for you. Just allow for a little bit of extra production time.


If you want a factory stain and finish, you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Cabernet
  • Clearcoat
  • Espresso
  • Hazelnut
  • Honey
  • Leather
  • Wheat

If you prefer you can go with the raw wood and stain it yourself before installation.

Sizes Available

A Marvin folding door system can be as wide as 55-feet if you stack configurations side by side. As far as individual panel size, most configurations are 3.5-feet wide and 9.5-feet tall. Unfortunately, they don’t get bigger than this. However, if you need a door that’s shorter than 9-feet, they can easily accommodate!

Configuration Options

The manufacturer claims that you can arrange their bi-folding door in 81 different configurations. It would take 20 pages to show you a graph of every single configuration, so we’ll just say this- if you can dream it, they can do it. Whether you’re looking for a wide full-glass wall, a 90-degree-angle double glass wall, or you just want a simple 3-5 panel setup to replace an existing sliding door, you’ll be able to do it with Marvin’s premium bi-fold folding doors.

Pricing Options

Ultimately, the price you pay for your Marvin folding door system depends a lot on who your representative is, how big the job is, and how big your entire order is. Although Marvin is known for being on the more expensive side when compared to other top brands, some customers report getting a deal when they pair their folding door purchase with other items (such as windows) from Marvin.


One thing that we really appreciate about Marvin is that they’re very open with all of their design and construction specs. You don’t need to “sign up” or give them all of your information, and then wait a whole 24 hours for a sales rep to contact you. This is a nice change as far as this particular industry goes. All you need to do in order to get all of the architectural plans, 3D files, and construction plans is to check out their “downloads” section on the manufacturer’s site here.

Warranty Information

Marvin has one of the best warranties that we’ve found so far! If you want to read the full warranty, you can read this short 3-page pdf file from the manufacturer.

  • Glass: If the project is under 60 square feet, all of the glass is warrantied for 20 years. If the project is over 60 square feet, then the glass is warrantied for 10 years against manufacturer defect.
  • Hardware: Hardware such as latches, handles, wheels, etc, are warrantied for 10 years.
  • Finish: All anodized aluminum finishes are covered for 20 years. If you live in a coastal area, the warranty period drops to 10 years.

Pros And Cons


  • Lots of options for customizing glass, trim, and paneling.
  • Some of the highest-quality wood doors available.
  • One of the best warranties in the industry.
  • A family-run company that focuses on good customer service.
  • Factory wood seal available.
  • Provide certified hurricane-proof doors upon order.


  • Can be on the more expensive side.
  • No options for acrylic doors.

What Other Customers Are Saying

Don’t want to take our word for it? Check out what other customers have to say about Marvin folding doors. Marvin also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


  • “We have used Marvin Windows and have had zero issues or problems. They gave great quality and dependable lead times. The ULTREX material is the strongest and best I have seen. Even in the dark colors they do not fade or chalk” – Ken M, Yelp
  • “Marvin product is clearly superior and only one you can stain to match your woodwork. The installation crew was exemplary: efficient, respectful, high quality. We will use them again for the rest of the windows in the future and highly recommend to anyone else.” Angie’s List


  • “This review is not about their product, but their dealer network. They are unresponsive and the one that I am working cannot for some reason read architectural plans to figure out rough openings” – Ravi P, Yelp
  • “Marvin claims that they will replace the units under warranty. But they WILL NOT cover any of the install issues.  This includes the standard of new architectural plans, permits and installation plus painting the house both inside and out.” – R. M, Yelp

Final Thoughts

Although Marvin is known for being one of the more expensive companies around, their craftsmanship is well worth the extra dollar- especially if you’re looking for a wood folding door. They have an exemplary warranty when it comes to the manufacturing process, but since they’re not in charge of installation, you’ll need to make sure that you trust your contractor. With tons of options available for customization, you can finally build the glass wall that you’ve always wanted.