Origin Folding Doors: A Comprehensive Review

Origin Folding Doors

When shopping for something like a folding door, you’ll want to know everything about the product before you buy it. Due to the cost of folding doors and the hassle of installing them, you’ll want to make the right choice the first time, and a large part of doing that is getting your door from the right manufacturer.

As a first-time customer, it can be challenging to know what to expect from a folding door maker like Origin, so we’ve put together this comprehensive review of them and their products. We’ll discuss what sets apart Origin’s doors from the competition, and we’ll even see what their customers have to say about them.

Origin Brand History

Folding doors have historically been far more popular in the USA, particularly in sunny states like California, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no demand for them across the pond. Origin was founded by two cousins who recognized the lack of folding door suppliers in the UK all the way back in 2002.

Since being founded, Origin has established themselves as a key player in the European folding door industry. Most folding doors built in the UK before Origin were either available in extremely limited quantities or needed to be custom-ordered.

During their first three years, Origin operated as a true family business, but in 2005, they opened their first factory and have been growing ever since. By 2010, Origin was producing over 10 000 doors per year, and have since expanded into international markets, setting up offices and showrooms in Dubai.

By 2014, Origin was launching their second TV marketing campaign and expanding their reach to the USA. In 2015, Origin set the record for the largest folding door in the world, located at the Jebel Ali Resort in Dubai. Shortly after that, Origin expanded their operations in the Middle East, selling their doors in countries including Egypt and Kuwait.

Product Options

Now that you have an idea of how Origin started, we can move on to the doors themselves. This part of our guide will cover the details related to these doors, including the materials used in their construction, various aesthetic options, and the differences between Origin’s two folding door models.


Unlike some of its competitors, Origin offers their doors in only one choice of material: aluminum. Origin selected aluminum as its primary building material because of its combination of light weight and high durability, ensuring that it will last while remaining easy enough to fold open.

Origin makes sure to use aluminum that hasn’t been re-forged from scraps to ensure that it always has the proper formulation. Any flaws in the aluminum could potentially compromise the performance or durability of a folding door, and the people at Origin want to minimize the likelihood of this possibility.

Aluminum’s high degree of weather resistance also means that you don’t have to worry about your doors flexing or warping over a long period of time. Aluminum also resists corrosion better than ferrous metals, making it a much better choice for rainy or snowy environments.

Since Origin’s doors are so durable, they’re also far more tamper-resistant and secure than some of the competition. Along with being more durable than materials like wood, aluminum is also energy-efficient, as it doesn’t allow for as much heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your home.

Color Options

Origin also offers a wide range of color options for their folding doors, including over 150 RAL colors to choose from. If you’re ordering the OB-72 model, Origin even offers a 24-hour lead time on some of their most popular colors. Other colors are subject to a lead time of between three and four weeks.

Origin also offers their folding doors in a dual color layout, where the interior and exterior feature different colors to match both the inside and outside design of your home. Origin even offers a faux wood grain finish on their OB-72 model.

You can even color the handles of your Origin doors separately from the frame, allowing you to add a point of contrast. Handles can feature a stainless steel finish or any of the 150 RAL colors that Origin offers.

Sizes Available

Origin prides themselves on offering their customers bespoke doors, so you’ll be able to select the exact size of your folding door to match your home. Of course, Origin imposes certain limits on the max size of your new folding door. Door panels are available in widths between 400 mm and 1200 mm.

The max height for a door panel is 3000 mm, and you can string together up to 12 panels to create a truly massive folding door.

Configuration Options

Origin offers two main folding door models: the OB-72 and the OB-49. Both models can be arranged in a variety of configurations. You can select whether the doors open inward or outward, and you can even select different types of handles to match the rest of your home’s decor.

Origin also offers a range of threshold options to their clients, allowing you to pick between a sunken threshold or a more traditional one. This can make the transition between the interior of your house and the exterior more seamless, as you won’t have to watch for a rail that you can potentially trip over.


The OB-72 was the first Origin door model and remains their most popular product, though it may eventually be superseded by the OB-49. This door features a 72 mm sightline, and it looks more traditional than the OB-49 because of its thicker frame.

The thicker frame also makes the OB-72 the more structurally-sound of Origin’s two doors, though it sacrifices visibility in exchange for its superior durability. The OB-72 is available in a wide range of configurations, including corner and bay setups.


The OB-49 is Origin’s most recent folding door model, and it features a 49 mm sightline, improving your visibility and allowing more light in due to a smaller frame and more glass.

Despite being thinner than the OB-72, the OB-49 is only slightly less durable and just as secure as its parent model.

Pricing Options

The cost of an Origin folding door depends on the number of panels that it features and the overall height and width of the opening to be covered.

  • Origin’s three-door bi-folds are its most affordable doors, with a minimum price of $6797 and a max price of $9211.
  • Four-door bi-folds are more expensive, with a minimum cost of $9401 and a max cost of $11 321.
  • Five-door bi-folds feature a minimum cost of $11 199, and the most expensive ones are $13 851.
  • Six-door bi-folds are even more expensive, with a minimum cost of $13 325 and a max cost of $16 184.

Keep in mind that your price will depend on the layout, configuration, and size of your folding door. Due to how each folding door is uniquely sized, and each buyer selects their preferred features, expenses can potentially exceed the maximum costs noted above.


While most folding door manufacturers feature lead times of between six and twelve weeks, Origin tries to ship out their products as soon as possible. If you select one of Origin’s most popular folding door colors, you can benefit from their “Your Lead Time, Not Ours” program.

This means that you can specify the lead time for your folding door, even if it’s as short as 24 hours, making Origin an excellent choice for high-priority projects.

If your door isn’t in one of Origin’s most popular colors, you can expect to wait between three and five weeks before your door is ready for shipment. This is still a quicker lead time than most of their competitors.

Warranty Info

Origin also has one of the best warranty programs of any folding door manufacturer. While ten years is already considered a long warranty in this industry, Origin offers 20-year warranty coverage on all of their doors.

If your folding door can be repaired, Origin may send you the parts to fix it at no extra cost. For more complicated issues that can’t be solved with a simple repair, Origin will instead replace the door at no extra cost to you.

Positioning the folding door in a hazardous area, such as near a shoreline or an indoor swimming pool, may void the warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • Shortest lead times in the industry
  • 20-year warranty
  • Huge range of colors available


  • Pricey
  • Inconsistent glass quality

What Other Customers Are Saying

Here are some of the most pertinent reviews of Origin from

A Very Satisfied Customer:

“Excellent product at a very competitive price … Will use for the next property.”

Julie from Rickmansworth:

“Love our bi fold doors, beautiful, easy to use and they make so much difference to the light in our room. Easy on line chat with customer service.

Thank you!”


“Have had a two door unit fitted, the doors do not stay closed and cannot be operated from both sides. A good looking product but functionally poor.”

Final Thoughts

Origin produces high-quality folding doors within much quicker lead times than many of their competitors. As one of the largest makers of folding doors in the UK, Origin has earned their reputation by manufacturing quality products.