Panoramic Doors: A Comprehensive Review

Panoramic Doors


Are you looking for a folding door that doesn’t have all of the clunk and connected panels? Wouldn’t it be nice to just open one or two panels at a time and still keep the rest of your wall intact? If so, then you’re in for a treat.

Today, we’re going to take a look at Panoramic Doors. This small California company provides one of the only “hybrid” folding door systems on the market. It combines the best features from traditional bi-fold or accordion-style doors with the ease of movement offered by French sliding doors.

Brand History

The company was founded in 2010 by Cali resident Alan Rees. If you’ve ever been to the picturesque beach city of Oceanside in Southern California, then you’ll know that people there spend almost as much time outside as they do inside. Rees developed his new door system and it quickly grew throughout the state and even beyond.

He wanted to provide an affordable way (or at least somewhat affordable) for homeowners to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and fresh air from within their own homes. The best way to do this was with a glass wall made up of panels that could be opened, moved, or shifted at ease.

A few years ago, Rees hired a new CEO to help him expand his company into the rest of the country. Ted Rock’s first change was to move the California original into Fort Worth, Texas. Here, they would be able to manufacture the same high-quality doors for even less money due to lower taxes, rent, and labor costs. The central location meant that shipping cross-country would be a lot easier.

Today, Panoramic Doors not only makes one of the best systems on the market, but they’re also able to do it at a fairly affordable price as well!

Product Options

As we mentioned, this company is known for having some of the most affordable doors on the market. One nice thing to take note of, though, is that they don’t seem to sacrifice any quality in the design, engineering, and quality of the products they use.


First, let’s take a look at the type of materials that you can choose to use for your doorframe. Then, we’ll get into some of the other technical specs such as which colors you can choose, sizing, and hardware options (hinges, door handles, and such).


The most commonly-used material for Panoramic Doors’ folding door system is aluminum. What’s not to love? It’s a strong, durable, and lightweight. Aluminum is also one of the most abundant elements on Earth (second only to Oxygen and Silicon). It’s the material of the space-age, and in-fact, most of our spacecraft are made of the same material.

Panoramic Doors uses high-quality aluminum to craft their state-of-the-art folding doors. They also utilize an “eeCore” thermal break on the interior of the door. This means that no matter how hot it is outside, you won’t have to worry about a bunch of thermal energy transfer into your nice cool living space.


In most cases, vinyl can be an equally good alternative to Aluminum. Although aluminum is stronger than vinyl (making it better for storm resistance), vinyl isn’t as prone to scratching and dents. So, unless you live in a strong hurricane or tornado area, vinyl shouldn’t give you any problems.

One other key advantage of vinyl is that you don’t need to re-paint it. It usually does a great job at maintaining its factory color over the years. Aluminum, on the other hand, will need to be repainted every 5 to 10 years to maintain the quality and appearance of it.

As far as energy-efficiency goes, Panoramic Doors’ vinyl folding doors perform just as good as aluminum. They both include patented “eeCore” thermal insulation to prevent heat (or cold) from transferring to the other side. This is pretty important if you live in an area with hot summers or cold winters.

Laminated Vinyl

One nice upgrade that you can give to the standard vinyl door is to laminate it. This process adds thin laminate panels on top of the vinyl surface. These come in the darker colors that you won’t be able to get with plain vinyl. In addition to this, the laminate also helps to reflect heat, making them a great choice for those who live in a particularly hot area of the country.

Hardware Options

While the door frame itself is the most important choice you’ll make, let’s take a minute to look at some of the finer details. After all, the small things are what you’ll notice more and more as time goes on.

Track System

You’ll have two options for your tracking system: an upstand track or a flush track. Each has their own benefit and drawback that could be the make-or-break for deciding which one you want.

Flush Track

A flush track is by far the most attractive option that you’ll have. It stands 1-inch from the surface of your floor and has a narrow canyon in which your door’s rolling system moves along. Their lower profile means that they’re easier to walk and roll wheels over. The one disadvantage is that their lower lip makes them less resistant to flooding. They’ll usually be just fine if it’s just a little bit of rain, but if your area gets torrential rains, tropical storms, or hurricanes, then you’ll want the next one.

Upstand Track

An upstand track is their version of a weathered-track. It looks just like their flush track, but it has a small lip that’s 5/8-inch taller on the exterior-facing side. While this difference may seem small, that extra half-inch will go a long way to keeping the interior of your home dry.

Door Handle

One particular feature we were impressed with was how many different types of door handles Panoramic Doors offers to its customers. You’ll be able to choose from three different styles of lever-like door handles.


The “London” style of door handle is about 4-inches long and is shaped like a “tilde” symbol (~). This classic style of handle is available in bronze and nickel colors.

New York

The “New York” style of door handle is flat on the top side and curved on the underside to make it easier for your palm to grasp. Like the previous option, it’s available in both bronze and nickel colors.


If you’re looking for the most modern-looking door handle, then the “Sheffield” style of door handle is the one. It’s a long, rectangle-shaped, and it’s sharp corners help to accentuate the broad appearance of the folding doors. It’s available in standard bronze and nickel as well as an anodized white color. This is an excellent option to pair with a darker vinyl or aluminum shade.

Color Options

At Panoramic Doors, they’re all about style, which means that you’ve got a fairly wide range of colors to choose from depending on which material you choose.



  • Apollo White
  • Statutary Bronze

Architectural Colors:

  • Almond
  • Anodized Silver (Powder Coat)
  • ANSI 61 Gray
  • ANSI 70 Gray
  • Antique Bronze
  • ASA 49 Gray
  • Bone White
  • Burgundy
  • Champagne
  • Charcoal
  • Classic Platinum
  • Designer Beige
  • Fashion Gray
  • Hartford Green
  • Ivory
  • Light Blue
  • Light Bronze
  • Matte Platinum
  • Rust Spice
  • Sandstone
  • Seawolf
  • Tube Brown
  • Yoke White

200+ Custom Colors To Choose From

If you’re looking to add a bit of color to your doorway, then you can choose to powder coat your aluminum door in over 200 different shades of color. If you want to create your own custom color or match an existing color in your home, you can email their sales team a color swatch and they’ll do their best to match it.


  • White
  • Beige/Tan

Laminated Vinyl

Should you choose to get laminate panels on top of your vinyl doors, then you’ll be able to choose from the following panel colors:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Silver

Sizes Available

No matter if you get aluminum or vinyl doors, you’ll be able to create your own setup utilizing anywhere from 1 door to 6 panels. The more panels you add to your setup, the higher the maximum panel size rises. Here are the specs:

  • Single-Panel: Minimum width- 26 inches, Maximum width- 44 inches
  • 2-Panel: Minimum width- 46 inches, Maximum width- 82 inches
  • 3-Panel: Minimum width- 66 inches, Maximum width- 120 inches
  • 4-Panel: Minimum width- 86 inches, Maximum width- 158 inches
  • 5-Panel: Minimum width- 106 inches, Maximum width- 196 inches
  • 6-Panel: Minimum width- 126 inches, Maximum width- 234 inches

As far as height goes, the maximum depends on the door frame material that you choose.

  • Aluminum folding doors: Maximum height of 10-feet
  • Vinyl folding doors: Maximum height of 8-feet

Configuration Options

Thanks to the easy-to-move panels, you’ll be able to choose almost any configuration that you want for your Panoramic Doors setup. The company claims that you could create a never-ending folding wall. You would just need to have some type of structural support to hold up the walls for every 6 panels in the system.

Pricing Options

Since each job is priced-to-order you’ll have to request a custom quote depending on the size of your job. Multiple factors will affect the final cost of your Panoramic folding doors including:

  • The structural support you need to add to hold the door track
  • The type of material you use for your doors
  • How many panels are in the system

If you want to get a more accurate quote, you can use the manufacturer’s custom quote generator here. You’ll just need to enter a little bit of information about yourself first.


Whether you’re constructing a new building, renovating an existing space, or simply replacing an existing door, Panoramic Doors has a solution for you. If you’re looking for a certified window contractor, then they can usually point you in the right direction. However, if your existing contractor has already recommended these windows to you, then chances are that they’ll be able to handle the job.

Warranty Information

Unfortunately, at this time Panoramic Doors has not yet released their warranty. If you check the manufacturer’s “warranty” page,, section 7 states that they’re in the process of creating a “Limited Warranty,” but it has yet to publicly release it.

Pros And Cons


  • One-of-a-kind hybrid design that incorporates aspects of both bi-fold doors and traditional French sliding doors
  • Affordable pricing compared to other standard doors
  • You can make your folding door system as long as you want


  • No warranty available
  • Company does not offer any wood doors

What Other Customers Are Saying

Before we finish, let’s take a few minutes to check out what other customers are saying about Panoramic Doors. We’ve taken the liberty of showing you some of the most helpful reviews from This site is a great open-source location where both homeowners and contractors review some of the most popular building materials on the market.

Overall, most of the reviews are solid and the company has a 4.4-star rating across over 100 reviews. The few bad reviews seem to be the result of either a manufacturer defect or poor customer service representatives, which is to be expected from most large businesses.


  • “Our experience with Panoramic Door was outstanding! We searched and searched for a reasonably priced folding glass door for our new home build project. Panoramic Door blew the competition out of the water in terms of value and service! The ordering and shipping process was smooth.” – Heather Smith
  • “Panoramic Doors – The door quality was exceptional, the price was competitive, the installation was as described, the customer service/support was available and responsive, the lead time was as stated, and the statement piece/focal point the door provided was phenomenal. We will definitely be specifying and/or recommending these doors again in the future.” – Level Team Contracting


  • “I wish they would send a service member from their team to come out when they realized all of the help I needed since it’s very difficult to self-service this as somebody with zero experience on these doors. As a real estate professional and property manager, I work with many products and vendors and for something of this cost, I expected more support behind the product.” – Edward Lui
  • “My sales representative never return messages whether email or by phone. I regret that I referred some clients to them and even convinced my son to install them in his patio. So if you are willing to put up with quality doors with lousy service and follow-up, go ahead and buy Panoramic doors; I am starting to regret my selection.” – Elie Balas

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for high-tech, cutting-edge folding doors that aren’t like anything else you’ll find on the market, then these are an excellent option. Aside from their elegant design, they’re incredibly easy to open and close, which makes them a great choice for any homeowner. The one caveat is that there is little to no information publicly available about their warranty, but once you see these doors in action, the limited warranty will likely be of little concern.