WinDor Systems: A Comprehensive Review

WinDor Systems


WinDor Systems is another door and window company based in Southern California. Founded by two brother-in-laws in 1990, Gary Templin and Wolf Wirthgen set out with a goal- to build and supply high-quality window solutions to America.

Brand History

Since the company’s inception, they’ve produced over a million windows and counting. WinDor Systems has been featured on hit tv shows like House Crashers on the DIY Network. While they’re still making doors in Southern Cali, the brothers have been making an effort to expand their sales across the country and bring the concept of the “outdoor room” to homeowners everywhere.

Product Options

In addition to their famous folding door system, WinDor Systems offers a wide range of windows, sliding doors, swinging doors, and even folding window solutions. This makes them a great choice if you’re building a new house from the ground-up or doing a large-scale renovation. You’ll be able to source both your folding doors and any other windows you may need to complete the job all from the same supplier.

Today, we’re going to be focusing on their bi-folding doors. We’ll go over what your options are as far as materials, colors, handles, hardware, and features. Then, we’ll show you some of the top-rated reviews from some of their past customers.


Unlike many other folding door companies, WinDor Systems doesn’t offer a lot of options when it comes to door frame materials. However, they do offer one really good option. By focusing their efforts on perfecting one door solution instead of catering to everybody, the company tends to get better reviews and customers experience fewer factory defects and problems with their doors than other leading producers.

The Vinyl-Aluminum Combo

If you look at the rest of the folding door market, you’ll find that most options are either all-vinyl or all-aluminum. A few companies offer high-end hardwood options, but these are few and far between.

Although aluminum and vinyl are the most common options, they have a few minor drawbacks. All-aluminum systems allow for a larger folding door, but they can be prone to scratches, dents, and corrosion over time. Homeowners will also have to repaint these doors every few years in order to keep the material looking fresh.

An all-vinyl system maintains its color far longer, which means that there’s less maintenance and upkeep required. The main drawback of vinyl is that because it’s a weaker material, the door size has to be smaller.

WinDor Systems created a folding door that combines the benefit of both materials into one door. The inner frame of the door is made of aluminum, while the outer panels are vinyl. This means that their doors have the durability of aluminum and can be larger than a vinyl door. However, since the outside of the door is vinyl, it requires far less maintenance and doesn’t need to be repainted. The vinyl is also resistant to scratches and dents, making it a good option for homes with pets who like to scratch on the doors.

WinShield Laminate

If you want to add an extra layer of protection and heat-deflection, then you can order your folding doors with WinShield laminate. This will bond to the vinyl surface, making it stronger and more temperature-resistant.

Hardware Options

Although WinDor Systems doesn’t offer much of a choice when it comes to the material of your door, they do offer plenty of choices when it comes to the hardware and glass you choose for you bi-fold door.


You’ll have two options for handles:

  • Straight Handles: Straight handles are your standard L-shaped handle. They’re about 4-inches long, straight, and easy to grasp. Available in white, black, and brushed chrome finishing.
  • Flared Handles: These handles are the same length as the straight handles, but they have a fancy flare that gives the door a more classical appearance. Available in white, black, and brushed chrome finishing.


When it comes to your door hinges, you’ll be able to choose from brushes stainless steel or bronze-colored hinges. Most customers try to match their hinges to their handles to maintain the same style.

Glass Options

Unlike most folding door companies, WinDor Systems gives you tons of options for your glass. Whether you’re looking for a standard clear glass system or you want something that’s a little bit more private, they’ve got something for you. Here’s what they offer:

  • Clear: Standard transparent glass
  • Mattelux: Cloudy, semi-frosted glass. Translucent, but not transparent.
  • Obscure: This glass is more frosted than the mattelux and doesn’t let as much light through.
  • Glue Chip: This glass is almost transparent but has thin cracks and chips inside. It looks like the surface of an ice cube.
  • Delta Frost: This glass is similar to the glue chip, but is more obscure. Frosted glass with clear transparent cracking throughout.
  • Rain: You know how your window looks when it’s raining outside. That’s how this looks.
  • Horizontal Reed: Semi-transparent glass that has long horizontal “bubbles” in it. Objects seen through it are sometimes doubled or tripled.
  • Vertical Reed: Just like the horizontal reed, but with a vertical pattern.

Grid Options

Again, WinDor Systems wins with the options they give consumers for customization. You can choose the standard gridless bi-fold door, or you can choose from the following options for a more traditional appearance:

  • Standard: Full grid pattern on the door.
  • Prairie: A small 1×3 grid at the top of the window.
  • Marginal: A skinny 1×1 grid that encircles the outer edge of the window frame.

Color Options

Since WinDor Systems only offers vinyl exteriors, you won’t have quite as many options for crazy colors. However, you will be able to choose from a few different dark or earth-colored tones. Factory vinyl colors are the cheapest and most durable option. If you want your doors painted, then you’ll need to allow some extra time for production.

Factory Colors

In its natural form laminate only comes in two colors:

  • White
  • Beige/Tan

Since this is the true color of laminate, no paint needs to be added or re-applied ever.

Standard Colors

These paint colors are bonded to the vinyl surface and are both chip and weather-resistant.

  • Dark Bronze
  • Terra-Tone
  • Black

Semi-Custom Colors

  • Silver
  • Beige (deeper color than factory beige)
  • Taupe

WinShield Laminate Colors

If you opt for the laminate add-on, you’ll only be able to choose from one color:

  • Jet Black

Sizes Available

WinDor Systems has pretty standard sizes for all of their bi-folding doors:

  • Panel Height: 91 inches (just over 7.5-feet tall)
  • Panel Width: 34 ¾ – inches (almost 3-feet wide)

However, if you’re looking for a custom job, they can fabricate custom-sized panels to fit your space. Just keep in mind that custom doors will add to production time.

Configuration Options

You’ll be able to order and install your WinDor bi-fold door system in almost any configuration you can think of from simple 3-panel setups to larger 7-panel setups. No matter how many panels you install in your system, you’ll be able to place your primary entry/exit door anywhere you please. Most customers place the primary door on the left or right-hand side, but you can also place it in the middle if you want.

Pricing Options

WinDor Systems makes every order customized to the customer’s desired specifications. Depending on what color you choose, what type of hardware you want, if you opt for extra laminate, if you choose standard sizes vs. custom sizes, how many panels you want, etc., you’ll pay a different price. If you want to get an accurate price, you’ll have to contact the company directly and ask for an estimate. Generally speaking, though, your bi-fold door system will cost anywhere from $700 to $1,500 per linear foot.


One thing that WinDor Systems is really great at is providing easy-to-follow instructions. Their website has full tutorial videos, pdf designs, and graphs for your contractor to follow during the installation. They also include a few videos detailing any standard maintenance, repairs, and cleaning that you may need to perform to keep your folding doors functioning properly.

Warranty Information

WinDor Systems has a solid warranty that you can rely on. All of their folding doors are warrantied for up to 10 years against any manufacture or design defect that hinders the smooth operation of the doors as long as the original purchaser lives in or owns the property. If another person moves into the property, the warranty can be transferred to them by simply contacting the company.

If they do perform any warranty work, they claim no responsibility for replacing custom paint colors or performing any finishing carpentry of the door frames- this is the responsibility of your contractor.

Pros And Cons


  • WinDor Systems has a solid aluminum-vinyl hybrid door that’s strong, reliable, and requires very little maintenance.
  • WinDor Systems has a great 10-year limited lifetime warranty on their bi-fold doors.
  • Customers can fully customize the appearance of their folding doors with custom options for glass, grid, and hardware.
  • You can design your folding doors to almost any configuration that you want.


  • WinDor Systems doesn’t provide options for an all-aluminum, all-vinyl, or hardwood doors.
  • Since all folding door exteriors are made of vinyl, the number of colors you can select from for your door is limited to white, black, or earth tones.

What Other Customers Are Saying

Before we go, let’s take a look at what other customers are saying about WinDor Systems bi-fold doors. Below, we’ve included some snippets of reviews (both good and bad) from as well as some popular reviews from WinDor Systems’ Yelp! page. This is a great place to find verified consumer reviews for any homebuilding products.

Most of the reviews were great. The few bad reviews that we could find had to do with an odd customer service issue or scheduling problems.


  • “Amazing company to work with! We have the best windows in the whole neighborhood, for a great price and above all, the team was extremely professional and polite.” – Jennifer Robbins
  • “The door looks great! We got an 8×12 5-panel folding door. My project had a moving target permit date and the guys (Stephon and Mike) down at Windoor were flexible and helpful getting the install set up at the right time.” – Paul F.


  • “Scheduled an appointment for this evening. Received a confirmation email. The sales rep never showed up. When calling the number provided, we were directed to someone who only makes appointments, but can’t contact the sales reps.” – Kelly S.
  • “Over all the windows and doors have been good but service has been terrible especially with the French doors and the one that has never functioned like the other two. WinDor fought with our GC regarding the installation of the French Doors and other widows that were new installations. It made for more stress in an already stressful situation. I would never use WinDor again.” – Bill C.

Final Thoughts

Overall, WinDor Systems has a great folding door system. Compared to all of the other companies on the market, they’re still relatively small and family-operated. While they primarily operate in the Southern California area, they ship all over the United States. We would say that their primary selling point is how many options they offer in terms of glass choice. You can customize your new folding glass doors to look as unique as you want them to.